Our exclusive fixed wing RF system

Aero-Sotravia is the European precursor for TV signal broadcast via an airplane. This speciality, for a long time reserved to helicopters, is now one of our main activities.

Schema de principe d’un relais HF Vidéo

Our Fixed Wing RF Broadcast experience 

At the end of the 70s, we provided our first mission during the live broadcast of the liner FRANCE launch, renamed NORWAY. Although it was a first, it was not until the 1990s that this activity really took off.

Nowadays, five dedicated planes are available. They have been specially modified to accommodate live recording equipment. This fleet makes us as the largest European operator with more than 95% of the annual volume of aerial television relay.

In July 1992, on the TOUR DE France, our BN2 relayed historic images of the arrival of the St Etienne / La Bourboule stage, in thick fog, and became a milestone in the use of air assets!

Every year, we participate in the greatest sporting events (Tour de France and other cycling races, marathons) and major current events (presidential elections, Telethon …).

We work closely with our customers, keeping our finger on the pulse of the latest technological development.