Maritime Survey

Since 2009, we provide the full air support for « REMMOA » missions. The customer is a french government agency : Agency for Marine Protected Areas, Brest, Bretagne.

REMMOA translation : “Census of Marine Mammals and other megafauna by Air Observation” (Recensement des Mammifères Marins et autre mégafaune par Observation Aérienne)

France is the second largest country in the world, in relation to its territorial waters.

The ambitious missions REMMOA consist in patrolling the ocean at 90kt and 600ft, to observe wildlife and create, if necessary, new Protected Areas on the high seas.

The scientific part of the job is assumed by the “CRMM” Research Center of Marine Mammals of La Rochelle (Centre de Recherche des Mammifères Marins de la Rochelle) who provide scientists, aerial observers and results analysis.

Patrouille maritime

Winter 2014/2015 : New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna

From October 2014 to January 2015, we have completed the REMMOA mission with the final stage in the West Pacific. This time again we have ferried there our BN2 F-GDHD. Two other aircrafts from our partner Unity Airlines also joined the missions.

The airports of Nouméa Magenta, Koumac, Lifou Ouanaham, Wallis and Futuna have served as primary and secondary bases. The flights above the largest lagoon of the world and the high sees have been very profitable in the quantity and the quality of the observations. Some rare species have been found and the global results are interesting.

Winter 2011/2012 : French Polynesia

January 3rd 2011, Alexandre et Hubert tooks off Melun at 17H15 LOC for a 13 780 Nm (25 520 Km) ferry flight.

They landed in Papeete January 17th 2011 at 16H50 LOC after 14 days 115H flight time. (Sébastien and Gilles made the ferry back, from may 9th to 25th, by the same way).

To fly over a so large territory, we supplied three BN2, which crossed the turquoise waters of the Pacific in search of marine mammals.

Campagnes REMMOA : Recensement des mammifères marins et autre mégafaune pélagique par observation aérienne.

On board, the observations were optimized thanks to the bubble windows installation, ( (see pictures)

So, from the Society Islands to the Austral Islands, Tuamotu, Gambier and finally over the mythical Marquesas, we flew approximately 1.7 million km2!

Winter 2010/2011 : Indien Ocean

From December to April, our BN2 (supported by a second one owned by our partner MTA from Antananarivo) patrolled the following regions:
Mayotte, Comoros, Zealous and Geiser, the Glorious and the northwest coast of Madagascar, the French Scattered Islands in the Mozambique Channel, Juan de Nova, Europa and Bassas da India, the east coast of Madagascar, and Tromelin Island, Reunion to Mauritius, Atoll St Brandon, and finally the beautiful Seychelles Islands.
Our main airport was Antananarivo but we also operated from a lot of small remote airstrips.