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On July 23rd, we obtained the approval FR.145.0734 which allows us now to maintain the aircraft of our fleet under our own approval.
The categories covered by our approval cover the Beech King Air 90 and 200 (A2), Batteries (C5) and Landing Gear (C14).
We also maintain our PART MF 0184 Approval for maintenance of Pistons aircraft

Vue du Hangar de Villaroche

Bridge over Cayenne River, French Guyana

After the Indian Ocean in 2009, French Polynesia in 2010 then the waters of New Caledonia / Wallis & amp; Futuna in 2014 … It’s now time to explore the blue waters of French Caribbean and French Guyana !! Leaving Melun on the 24th of August in the morning for the ferry to Guadeloupe, we begin our fourth great adventure REMMOA.

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This time, head to the North West for the conveyance by the North Atlantic route … Scotland, Iceland, Greenland, Canada, USA, Bahamas, Puerto Rico and in the end the arch of the West Indies

This REMMOA mission will be especially marked by the passage of hurricane Irma which will devastate the island of St Martin and force the teams of PELAGIS to adapt and reorganize the mission.

Our 3 planes will fly over all waters of the EEZs of the French West Indies and French Guiana.

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The convoy return is also happening without stories and our precious BN2 arrives in Melun on November 13, 2017


In addition of the recurrent European and Middle East tasks, this summer was our first mission in South America

Less than a week after the Tour de France finish in Paris and after crossing the South Atlantic Ocean, we were in flight over Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Operating from the airport of Cabo Frio (120km east of Rio), we carried out this two weeks TV Relay job !


The images to be found on Facebook.

Al Maktoum Airport

With our historical customer Euromedia France, we have fulfilled our first TV Relay job in Middle East. We have provided the signal to ensure the live broadcast of the Dubai Marathon and the Dubai Cycle Tour. In order to cover these two new sport events, we have operated one of our Beech90 from the Dubai Al Maktoum Airport, future Dubai World Central.

The integration in the EAU airspace has been eased by our local partner. Thank you to all of them !
You will find some pictures of the ferry flight to Dubai and the mission below :


Mount Isa

After the completion of the REMMOA mission, we had to fly our BN2-Islander around the world, back to France. This 20 000km journey had stops in those cities: Brisbane, Mount Isa, Darwin, Bali, Penang, Chittagong, Nagpur, Muscat, Bahrain, Aqaba et Corfu.
In 12 days of flight, Jean-Luc and Paul, the two pilots, have over-flown a great diversity of landscape. You will find their pictures below.

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